Thursday, September 19, 2013

solar powered porcelain pickling crocks!

Care of your crock

Your fermenting crock is made of durable vitrified porcelain. With normal care, it will serve you and your loved ones for generations.  Feel free to compress your pickle with a wooden mallet or the flat of your fist, whichever is more comfortable.  The lip and flange are the delicate part, but you can lift the jar by the neck without concern. 

The stones are sized to rest just at or below the inside of the neck.  When you pack your pickle into the crock, allow for the stones to end up there.  The foods will expand and the stones will press them down again because they have locked against the neck.  For this reason, I advise that you fill the crock to the correct stone placement, not partway.

For fermenting, place the lid on the jar and fill the flange with water.  The water becomes a seal against unwanted bacteria. Unless you live in the desert, there should be enough water volume to not evaporate for about a week.  Top up as needed.

Clean the jar with soap and hot water by hand, or it can go in the dishwasher if the weight is distributed around the lip.  Please do not pour boiling water in the crock or subject it to any thermal shock (like putting it on a range).  The clay itself is impervious to water and does not require any kind of sanitizing.

You may return (at your expense and in the original packaging) undamaged jars within 3 months of purchase for a full refund.  Should you find a functional defect in the work, I will refund your purchase entirely upon receipt of proof of defect.  Studio seconds are available for sale at the studio and occasionally on  Seconds will always be clearly labeled as such with their flaw detailed, but still functionally sound.  The purchase of a second is final.

If you have any concerns or questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I love what I do and I exert stringent quality control.  Feel free to visit the studio and meet me during an annual open studio on Mother’s Day weekend.  If you would like a reminder, send me a message, and I will send you a quarterly email newsletter.

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